Something is Wrong with Me

Six Reasons Why I Hate New Year’s Eve

I have a confession to make: I fucking hate New Year’s Eve. I’ve honestly had it with the overwhelming social pressure to go-out-and-have-a-fuck-ton-of-fun-or-else on this most overhyped night of the year. I apologize if I offend all the party people inna house, but it’s true. I wasn’t always such a […]

The Vicious Cycle of Online Dating

After a substantial dating hiatus, I’ve recently re-entered the vile, reprehensible, obviously-created-by-the-devil world of online dating. After being away for so long, I somehow forgot that not long ago I proclaimed I would rather have my face ripped off by a chimp than participate in online dating again. But clearly, […]

Three Things for You

Summer has officially begun, and so far, I’m liking it. It’s been gorgeous in LA and the last two nights I had two incredible dreams! The first night I dreamt that I was making out with Joseph Gordon Levitt. It was glorious – until my stupid alarm clock cockblocked me. […]


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