He’s Not a Douche – He’s a Man!

When I saw this fantastic diagram of the male brain, it hit me… Fred is not a douchebag after all. He’s just a man! Of particular note: the frontal lobe. Thanks to @jerkmagnet for sharing!The male brain

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  1. meh. I disagree, that dude is a douche. There are plenty of sensitive, domestically inclined, intelligent men out there (I’m one of them) who usually only attract the female equivalent of a douchebag. It’s like the gender roles become reversed and we end up getting it just as bad as women do when they date douchebags. I’m just lucky to have finally found someone who appreciates that sensitivity and nurtures it rather than taking advantage of it which is why I put a ring on her pretty finger.

    • I know, it was a joke, silly buns. I just thought it was funny – it’s a stereotype of what women think of men. I’m very happy for you and your engagement – sounds like you are both very lucky 🙂

      • Yes, I can iron dishes just fine! And, my dear Singlegirlie, I am very sure that I’m straight. Enough not to get worried about appearing less than straight when professing my ability to iron, or love for baking cakes, or delight at having beautiful curtains.

      • Hmmm that’s a good point. I assumed that it meant the female crotch. But I think you’re right. If you combine the crotch-gazing directed at both varieties of genitalia, I shouldn’t have been so surprised that this part of the brain was so large…

  2. This is probably a to-scale drawing of the brain of the person who thought this up. Spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere! And we all know how much girls love a man who can spell. 😉

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