Lookit! My Guest Post on Your New Bad Habit

I have many mottos. One of which is “the guest is best.”

I normally use this phrase when referring to three-ways. Meaning if you’re going to be involved in a three-way, it’s better to be the guest, rather than the already established couple inviting a new partner into the bedroom to spice things up. If you’re one of the pair, someone will always get jealous. Hence, it is far more desirable to be the guest.

Where was I going with this?

Oh! I have made a special guest appearance on my blog boyfriend Denny DelVecchio’s spectacular site, Your New Bad Habit! Woooooooooo!


No, there are no videos of us having a three-way.

No, Denny and I are not having a three-way with Katy Perry.

NO, there is nothing about a three-way in the entire post, cornholes!

Just check out the friggin’ post, please. It took me months to convince Denny to let me write it until finally I threatened to withhold my famous BJs and he caved. Nevertheless, the post is magnificent and I am honored to be his guest. Because it’s best.

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  1. I am the mother of Denny Davanzato Debenedetto DelVecchio, and I don’t understand this one bit. Since Denny was a baby, he has been crying out “vodka” and “beef,” so what is this about Denny being enamored with the beautiful singlegirlie? Do you know how to make Denny’s favorite – Ravioli con la Cheez Whiz?? No! Non la penso cosi!!. A mother has to approve her son’s choice, and Denny may be taken with your sultriness and charm, but he will one day end up with this vodka beefy girl!

    Lungo vodka dal vivo e delle carni bovine!!

    • Aww, did you just call me beautiful? That is incredibly sweet of you! Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand the rest of what you wrote. Something about being hungry for a cow’s lung? Sorry, I don’t speak French.

    • Denise & Danette Del – Hmmm. Do either of you ladies happen to have a lez mullet and ‘stache? If so, I am DOWN. It’d be like making love to two Dennys – as in, double Double D! Lemme talk to Den.

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