I Hope This Gets to You. No, Not You.

Like This!

Hey there, kiddos. I’ve been unbelievably busy this week procrastinating, so I haven’t had time to write the blog post I intended to. Therefore, I will do what your 10th grade teacher used to do when she was too lazy or drunk  to prepare a lesson:  I’ll show a movie!

This love letter type video was made by a chap whose girlfriend recently moved across the country to go to business school.  He posted it to YouTube without telling her, hoping she would come across it through viral means.

This is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard of. Because every girl wants not only for her man to profess his undying love to her, but to do it in front of gobs of others.

The most romantic thing anyone ever did for me was dedicate “Culo” by Pitbull to me once in a club.

I have to admit, I was really touched at the time. I gave him an extra special hand job that evening. This guy deserves a hand, too.

Some naysayers are claiming that this is some kind of publicity stunt, but I choose to believe. And if it’s not true, please don’t pop my bubble the way my draconian parents did with the whole Santa Claus debacle.

So I thought I’d extend a little romance today. If it hasn’t already, I hope this gets to the girl.

I’m doing my part to make this go viral so she sees it. I figure it’s much more desirable than the other viruses I’ve spread in my day. Heh heh. Those were good times.

I encourage you to spread it, too, my friends. Spread it like the clap.


What is the most romantic thing somebody did for you (or that you did for someone else)? Does it beat “Culo?”

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20 replies

  1. Well, I’m not sure if it qualifies as romantic, but I thought it was. My ex once stole a pair of my pink cotton undies and gave them back with dried “residue” on them, and told me to put them way back in a drawer so that even though he couldn’t physically be there, I would have a “part” of him. Gross, but kinda sweet I thought.

  2. No one’s ever dedicated a Pit Bull song to me before. I think you did the right thing (and hopefully you used your left as well), by giving him that extra special hand job.

    Romance is in the air. I can feel it.

  3. Those hands need to be washed. Did the trapped coal miners make that video? I don’t like romantic things like that, especially when they are super arts fartsy. That video really pissed me off actually. I need another cup of coffee.

    • Well, it sounds like they were dirty, so that is pretty hot.

      But are you forgetting the time I did your hair in a french twist with one hand while performing a reach-around with the other? I thought that was romance at its finest.

  4. aawww very sweet but i can see how ppl can think itll come out to be some sort of publicity stunt its too well done…

    the most romantic thing that could beat having ‘culo’ dedicated… i think you out did me on that single singlegirlie haha

    • Funny thing is, now I can’t get the song out of my head and I really don’t like it. Sigh.

      And yes, Culo was pretty spesh. I do have a tremendo culo. Tremendo means savory, right?

  5. I don’t know if this counts for a romantic effort on my part. But when I was young and silly in High School I did write a few romantic poems for the ladies. But I never got as lucky as to get an extra special hand job out of the deal.

    Guess I should stick to haiku, maybe that will get me felt up through the pants for my efforts!

  6. Once, a gal I was dating kidnapped me. As I was heading back to a class after a dinner break, she offered me a ride in her car. Sure. She then peeled out (seriously) and took off onto the interstate laughing the whole time, doors locked. I liked this gal so I wasnt about to jump out of a moving vehicle so I guess the locked doors were all part of the act.

    She had planned a weekend getaway vacation and wanted it to be a surprise.
    She had packed a bag for me while I was in class (my roommates in on it the whole time).

    I thought that was pretty romantic and completely clever.

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