London Calling

The Single Filez, lookin' all exotic and shiz

Hello, lovely readers! Guess what? I have a little surprise for you today. We’re going on a field trip!

I’ve written a guest post for The Single Filez, whose lovely author resides in one of my favorite cities in the world: London. It’s her one-year blogoversary and she’s celebrating with a week of international guest posts. I have the privilege of representing the City of Angels here in the nation everyone loves to hate.

By the way, my one-year blog birthday was last month, too! So feel free to send gifts and well wishes, although nothing says “I really like your blog” like cold, hard cash.

Anyhoo, if you’re interested in hearing about the birth of singlegirlie and Single Girl Blogging, be sure to read my guest post here and here. And also here. Okay, they all go to the same link. Just wanted to make sure you clicked.

Pip, pip, cheerio! Go read it.

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