Hot Guys Doing Horoscopes

Hey there friends, Romans and countrymen. Apologies for not posting for a spell. I’ve been out of town and taking care of business, so I thought I’d throw my ladies and gays a little eye candy to make up for it. Sorry, straight dudes. You can grab a Maxim.

If you’re into astrology  and “What’s your sign?” and all that jazz — or if you just like looking at hot guys — I highly suggest this site. I’m no psychic, but I see masturbation in your future.

I like Mr. Virgo the best (below). Yummy. Which is your favorite?

13 replies

  1. I’m a Virgo, but I just spent the last twenty minutes drooling over Aries/Cancer and Gemini/Capricorn. What are they saying? No idea. Words? What? What are words?

    And why is Taurus/Libra putting clothing ON?! What is this??

  2. I’d rather watch porn. Wait, there are no hot guys in porn…Still. The most attractive of the bunch is the one who did the Aries/Cancer spiel. Now he is masturbation-worthy. lol

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