How to Get a Friggin’ Response

Respond, dammit!

Hi-ho, readers! Many of you have been yelling at me lately, telling me I need to post more. (This is a good kind of yelling, I don’t mind.) And you’re right. I do. And this week, I have a shiny new post for all of you!

It’s located over at the We Love Dates blog – I did a little guest appearance there. Remember Liz, who provided last week’s post? Well, we did a little swapping – a little tit for tat, if you will. Whatever that means.

The focus of the post is “How to Get a Fuckin’ Response” on online dating sites. This one’s mainly for the fellas, but I’d love for the ladies to chime in as well.

So get yo’ ass over there – and let me know what you think!


6 replies

  1. I remember going through hundreds of those like the ones you mentioned… delete, delete, delete. You’re spot on with this advice. It seems so simple, you’d think they would just KNOW this. Great post!

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