On Vacay

I love vacations. Vacations are therapeutic for the soul; they help you re-energize, re-charge and re-lots of other good stuff. Do I sound like an article from Self magazine yet?

The reason I bring this up is because I need a little break myself… from blogging. Just a little vacay, alright! Not not a permanent respite, not even a sabbatical. Just a few weeks. As of now, I’m not sure what “a few” means. Maybe two. Maybe six. Hopefully not much more than that.

There are quite a few personal matters I must deal with at the moment, and sadly, blogging just has to take a back seat for a minute while I attend to them.

I do hope you’ll return when I get back. Pretty please? In the meantime, play nice, children.

Now excuse me while I ride some long, hard sticks in a tiara and a tutu. Smell ya later!

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7 replies

  1. Miss you!! Your tweets, your posts, all of it!!

    Glad you’re enjoying some time off from blogging. You def have to do that from time to time. Love that song! But it used to be one listened to when I was rebelling in singlehood. Ah nostalgia! 🙂


    Melissa aka FeistyWoman

  2. Have a great time off, of all people I know the importance of down time to recharge those creative batteries.

    Relax, Enjoy, stay sexy!!!!

    Muhhha , Bob

  3. Good for you, girlie! I feel ya – blogging takes a lot of time & the pay is lousy. And life sometimes gets jealous. I hope all is ok & you wear a tiara the whole vacay.

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