Not Everyone is Going to Like You

Well, hello there. I just caught you staring, didn’t I? Staring at my blog, wondering when a new post might arrive. Well, looky here! A brand spankin’ new post, just for you! Your wish = my command. But only in this instance. Don’t start expecting it or anything.

I know you could’ve read my post on One Direction over and over and yet over again (I know I could), but I’ve got something even more funky fresh for you this week. (I know, right?!?)

I’ve written a post over at Singles Warehouse, also referred to as the biggest dating blog in the U.K. and U.S. They are calling me a “Singles Warehouse Expert,” which I find humorous because I admit to being an expert at nothing save for doing a spot-on impression of Edith Bunker.

Regardless, I’ve written a post called “Not Everyone is Going to Like You.” It’s a post I’ve been wanting to write for some time, and is probably the best bit of dating advice (and you know how I feel about advice) I can give to anyone out there in the trenches of singlehood.

If you’re feeling saucy, do leave a comment over there letting the good lads and lasses at the Warehouse know that you think I’m swell. Purty please? I’ll be your best friend!

Check it out here, y’all.

So, what shall I write about next?

11 replies

  1. Going there now! Despite your lusting over One Direction – I’m amazed they’re little legs managed to take them all the way across the Atlantic (I’m a Brit and have suffered their pubescent whinigs for a little too long already!) Love your writing though! Mx

  2. That is so true. I think we get so insecure and think that we need for everyone to like when in reality to really be true to ourselves we must by nature make some people not like us. Do be a great country music artist one must inevitably make those who dislike country, dislike your music. Great work!

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s just simple really – not everyone is going to like you – and you are not going to like everyone. Just be polite and see how things unfold…

  3. Excellent post, my dear – and yes. If we could just realize your sage, sage (yes I just said “sage” twice) advice, things would be easier and we wouldn’t obsess so much. Or something. I mean, if I have friends who like beards and flannel and black-rimmed glasses, but I find all that more than a tad ridic, clearly not everyone is going to think I’m that awesome, too.

    Plus, that means you can have One Direction and I’ll take Ryan Gosling. See? It even works out better in the end.

  4. oooh could you write about how there is nothing like an online dating profile to show how little you have to offer someone?or how there should be bacon flavored lube by now?
    orrrrrr how gross it is to be a 40+ male “dating” a 22 yr old?

    its a hard pill to swallow but its true not everyone is going to think your the cat pajamas.
    I once dreamt a cat had pajamas with bee’s knees on them.

    • You’re not supposed to eat the lube, silly buns. Maybe that’s why you have one eye and a tail.

      Sounds like that is one bitchin’ dream. My cat sleeps in the nude.

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