Top 10 First Date Ideas

All week long I’ve been loitering about the house with a wicked case of bronchitis and unwashed hair. You’d think I’d take advantage of this time to write a proper blog post rather than watch HGTV, but sadly, I’m in no mood to write and the Property Brothers really work wonders on a dilapidated fixer-upper. (And they’re cute, too.)

However, I did write a bona fide post over at the Singles Warehouse, so I’m going to direct you over there for your dose of Single Girl Blogging. In this post I share my top 10 first date ideas for online daters, and who wouldn’t want to read that?

In other totally unrelated news, two teenagers allegedly tried to trade sex for food at a McDonald’s last week. McDonald’s? Kids, if you’re going to sell your body for food, set your sights a little higher than McDonald’s, mmkay? Besides, I suspect they’d have better luck at In-N-Out.

Sorry, my head feels wonky and I just don’t have it in me to be clever at the moment. But go read my other thing. Over there.

Peace and Ricola.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. I think that it’s also important to understand your first date’s early childhood experience(s) in evaluating his/her potential for developing successful/healthy dating relationship. Thanks for reading this.

  2. hahaahah. I swear I could have written this post myself. Bronchitis and unwashed hair and all (I watched back to back downloaded episodes of New Girl and Up All Night though. Pretty funny shit. Feel better.

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