Should the Batman Killer Stop You From Online Dating?


It’s week 2 of the Olympics, and frankly, I didn’t even know there was going to be a week 2. Wasn’t one week enough? Honestly, my cat could give a bigger crap about the Olympics than I do, and he’s only seven pounds.

If you’re as bored of the Olympics as I am, then this is a great time to catch up on your blog reading. And lucky for you, I’ve written a new post that combines two subjects that most singles don’t want to hear in the same sentence: “psychopathic killers” and “online dating.” Don’t know if you heard, but that wacko Dark Knight mass murderer guy was searching for his soul mate on

So what does this mean for singletons? I’ll tell you what, over on my article at the Singles Warehouse. It’s alright, go give it a gander. And let mama know what you think. By mama, I mean me, not your actual mother. She’ll just freak out.

Clickith here to read post.

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  1. Yeah it’s got to be lack of sex/success with women (atleast as 1 factor) that makes them snap…I mean theirs a reason why it’s almost always a crazyass White/Asian guy who goes on these random killing sprees….Black people kill each other but they don’t just walk into a classroom/random building and start shooting everyone in sight….Black people know how to get laid lol……I mean how many Black virgins do you know over the age of 20?? Zero….where as I know MANY of White and Asian virgins who are well over the age of 20.

    Maybe making prostitution more available/legal would “calm” some of these angry sex deprived lunatics down??? I know because I had a serious neck/spinal cord injury and didn’t have sex for over a year and I was angry/agitated as fuck to everyone I met for no reason…Than when I started getting laid again I was much more relaxed and friendly.

  2. Yea he needed to get laid badly lol…Same with the Virginia Tech and Columbine shooters….Crazed “forever alone” virgin rampagers hellbent on random destruction.

    I remember with Columbine everybody was talking about bullying but I knew that was bullshit…If they did it because of bullying they would have actually targeted specific individual people and also not shot women….Walking in and just shooting every person in site+women leads me to believe they are just insecure virgin douchebags who blame everyone else for their lack of sex life.

    Nerd virgin rampage at it’s finest…Same applies to that Virginia Tech guy aswell….The ultimate “forever alone” angry virgin

    By the way nice blog….Been checking it out for a bit good stuff

  3. then again if someone had decided to shag him the night he did the shooting she would have been an American hero and no one would have ever known it.

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