15 Reasons Why Being Single On Valentine’s Day Rocks

jlaw600Hey guys, I created a post over on BuzzFeed about our most favorite day of the year! No, not Penis Day – Valentine’s Day, silly! So please, please go over there and Like it, Tweet it, Pin it, Google Plus it (what is it you do on Google Plus, anyway?) and make sweet love to it. Because that will up the chance that BuzzFeed will feature it and you can say you have some serious influence on the internets!

Oh, and if you have time, read it, too. I’m serious when I say it rocks to be single on VD. Because honestly, how many couples actually have a super squishy Valentine’s Day just bursting with romance and epic sex? Like, two. I’ll tell you all the reasons why it’s not just “okay” to be single on V-day, it effing kicks ass! Just keep saying it over and over. It’ll happen.

Go on now, time’s a wastin’!


I included Jennifer Lawrence here because everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence.

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    • Haha. Hi, Art. A gif is an type of image file. It can be static but these days the more popular gifs, and the ones most people are referring to, are animated. Meaning they move kinda like a super short video on repeat. That’s the scientific answer.

  1. Happiness is a choice. Though i really can’t understand why there’s such thing as Valentines Day if everyone can do it everyday and not just once a year. Lol!

  2. A man’s point of view is…..

    February 13 – National Breakup Day

    Blowjobs are equivalent to flowers. We like them often and given in a variety of settings.

    That is all.

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