Listen To Me Talk About Dating and Stuff on the Ask Women Podcast

askwomen_logo-WIDEFor four long years, I have been a nameless, faceless, voiceless… um, entity? that writes a bunch of malarkey here and tweets some bullshit from time to time. But as of now, my dear readers, I am no longer voiceless. I am utilizing my voice to say words and sentences and stuff on the Ask Women Podcast!

What is the Ask Women Podcast, you ask? It’s America’s #1 wing girl Marni Kinrys and comic Kristen Carney talking dating, relationships, love and sex in a weekly podcast that gets 100,000 downloads per episode and has featured past guests like Dr. Drew, Steve Austin, Maria Menounos, a bunch of porn stars, and now… ME! What-what?

In this episode we talk about online dating, stuff guys do on dates, Tinder, porn, fuck buddies and more, plus I reveal the one thing that reeeeeeeeeeeally turns me on in a man (but can never seem to find).

So check it out so you can say, “The fuck? She doesn’t sound anything like I thought she would.” Because isn’t that always how that goes?

To listen, click the purple guy who looks like he has a headache below, or just click here. (In case you get lost, it’s Episode #51 – The Art of Charm. I come in at around 21:00.)


Pssst, by the way, I’ll be changing my avatar soon, so you’ll get to see my face as well. Well, part of it. Huzzah!

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  1. Just about to finally listen! But — and — i hope this doesn’t make me an awful person — does the glossy deep-red mouth on their logo look to anyone else, like a dildo (the lower lip being the cojones)… ?

  2. Hey beautiful what’s shaking? I’m just listening right now. Very interesting points of view, the whole tinder thing I must say creeps me out.

    It’s great to finally get a sense of your personality from something besides your writing. You make some great points about dating and owning the experience. I couldn’t agree more.

    Can’t wait to hear more of you SG, also glad you’re taking the avatar out of the shadows.


    • Ha, I felt I should provide evidence that I am more than just a leg. And on the creepy scale, that’s nothing compared to some of the crap I’ve heard, my friend, so you’re clear 🙂

      • Haha! I can only imagine. But I won’t because, once again: creepy. By the way, nice job on the podcast. You sounded very comfortable and had said things that we both funny and insightful. Nicely done 😉

        • I know the feeling. I’m great at talking in front of people, but put me in front of a mic and the nerves set in. You don’t realize how much you utilize body language a facial expressions until you can’t use them. I was interviewed on NPR Radio a while back and I was a nervous wreck. Everyone said it sounded great but I thought I did really badly. I learned that it’s almost never as bad in reality as you think it is in your mind; unless you’re Justin Bieber, in which case the opposite applies 😉

        • NPR? Damn, I’m certain I would’ve come down with a case of acute Tourettes or something. And you kinda gotta envy the Biebs for that in a way…

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