Straight Guys are Color Dumb and Oh Male Strippers Tomorrow

Hey, lucky readers, have I got a real treat for you this week! Huh? No, you didn’t win anything. Wait, don’t go!

What’s so special is that I’ve got two – count ’em – TWO posts for you this week! And the first one is today, over at Long Awkward Pause. They say some men are color blind, but some are just color dumb. Read what would happen to the J. Crew catalog if straight men were in charge. It ain’t pretty.

The second post will be tomorrow. And it’s a real humdinger because I am posting in full my interview with two of the hot stars of La Bare – the new documentary about male strippers by True Blood and Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello. Check out the trailer:

It is an extremely entertaining interview, I asked the hard-hitting questions and the guys didn’t hold back. And it’s an audio deal (with a written component) so you can listen to it at the gym or on your evening commute – or you can put it on full blast at your office job if you like.

But for now, go to Long Awkward Pause and read my post there. See you tomorrow!


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