Interview with the Hot Male Strippers of La Bare

Joe Magnaniello with La Bare Dancers

Women protested this photo because Joe was wearing a shirt.

Move over, Channing Tatum. I’ve got the real Magic Mikes right here with me today: hunky hunks JD and David of La Bare, the new documentary about male strippers directed by Joe Manganiello, America’s sexiest werewolf (sorry, Taylor Lautner) and star of True Blood and Magic Mike.

The film takes us inside La Bare in Dallas, reportedly the most famous male strip club in the world. If you’re curious about what it’s really like to be one of these guys – or just want to check out some hot naked chests and abs and butts – this is a must-see.

This is who is joining me today:

La Bare - David La Bare - JD

Um, yes please! The guys were very sweet and extremely candid in sharing their crazy ass stories. The interview starts out rather tame then gets juicy around, mmm, I’d say 14:15. And if you ever questioned whether women were as nasty as their male counterparts… well, that would be a YES.

Listen below. I’ve also listed the questions I asked (including reader questions!) plus a few of the highlights below along with where to find them in the audio.


  1. Is there ever any drama or jealousy between the guys? (3:04)
  2. What was Joe Manganiello like? (4:00)
  3. How realistic was Magic Mike? (6:58)
  4. What kind of negative stigmas are there about male strippers? (9:07)
  5. In the film, all of the audience members were female and you guys were all straight. I mean, none of you guys are gay? (10:00)
  6. So what are you wearing? Are you just hanging out in your thongs? (14:18)
  7. What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you while performing? (15:43)
  8. When you’re up there, does anyone ever just straight up grab your junk? (21:15)
  9. Do you guys have girlfriends? (23:35)
  10. Do you date the patrons? (25:43)
  11. Do you ever get solicited for sex? Do you ever say yes? (27:19)

Reader Questions

Some of you submitted questions for me to ask the guys… and they answered!

  1. Do you guys go out for pancakes after a long night of making panties drop? (29:18)
  2. What type of women do you find sexy? (30:31)
  3. Is it important to have a bigger than average package? (32:44)
  4. Do the women tip based on the dancing or on your endowment? (33:20)
  5. How do you control yourself from getting an erection? (37:00)
  6. How do you hug and kiss patrons who are not your type and make it genuine? (38:00)

And listen to the question the guys had for ME at 42:53.

A Few Highlights:

On whether it’s a big party lifestyle as depicted in Magic Mike… (6:58)

David: To be candid, yes. You have 20 guys with 20 different personalities. You have the bad child, you have the good guy, you have the tough guy, you have the asshole. Every guy carries a different personality, and yes, we’ve got the party animal guy.

Find out the work that goes into it plus the difference between male and female strippers at 6:58.

On the rumor that all the dancers are gay… (10:00)

David: No, none of the guys here are gay.

JD: In other cities, you would have to have a few guys, but Dallas actually supports the gay dance bars really well, it’s a really big scene here. So why would a gay dancer come and work here dancing for women when they actually make more than us anyway – guys generally tip better than most women. And so it just kind of works out. But La Bare is a female club; I want to dance for women.

Hear the full explanation at 10:00.

On some of the craziest shit that’s happened to them while performing… (15:43)

JD: There was a lady who was sitting by herself… and she called me over and said “Hey JD, come over, I wanna show you something.” So I came over… and she pulled out her boob and squirted me with breast milk. And I don’t drink milk, so I wasn’t impressed… One of the guys who used to work there got caught with her later, sucking on her tit, so I guess he liked the taste.

Hear my reaction plus the crazy thing that happened to David at 15:43.

On whether the women ever get grabby… (21:15)

JD: Every night.

David: I’ve been bitten, scratched, got my junk pulled on, my fullback (underwear) pulled off…

JD: I had a girl trying to shove her fingers up my butt…

Find out how they handle it at 21:15.

On girlfriends… (23:35)

David: I don’t.

JD: I tried it once and it didn’t work.

Find out why at 23:25.

On what the guys must do to see who takes me out first… (42:53)

You’ll have to listen to find out. But I will say I’m looking forward to it.

A million thanks to JD and David, who were tremendous sports and a lot of fun to interview. Go see them plus the other dancers in LA BARE, which opens this Friday in these theaters (updated daily).


6 replies

  1. I just listened to your interview and I have to say that I was really impressed. I’ve always had this idea that male strippers didn’t have a brain and all they wanted was to get laid. These guys seem to have their heads on straight and for a smart girl, this is a real turn on! So.. . Have you come to Dallas yet? I live in Dallas and just saw these guys for the first time. I have to say… HOT! HOT! HOT!

  2. wow..I can’t believe a chick pulled out her boob and squirted him with milk…she could have at least put a blanket over his head like the rest of us would!!! That is bold…

  3. Omg, I’m just listening to the interview. I used to date a bartender and she echo’s the comments of the men. A couple of drinks and ladies turn into fiends. Grabby cheap tipping fiends.

    I’m loving the new look, it’s very pink but cute. Also liking the selfie but honestly the banana is freaky. Yikes!

    • Haha, I guess grabby ladies even the score a bit? I’m trying out this new theme. Not sure if I love it but I don’t want to keep switching either. It definitely needed an update. And I didn’t peg you for a guy who’d get scared off by a piece of fruit? 😉

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