Time to Change: What Do You Think of My New Blog Design?

Peter Brady

Someone really smart once said, “The only constant is change.” Ain’t that the truth. In fact, the only time when change is not a given is when you insert a five-dollar bill into a vending machine. Then you’re shit outta luck.

Speaking of change, you may have noticed a few changes around here. And by here, I mean this blog. After five long years, I changed my photo and my blog design. Even as an anonymous blogger, I thought it was time to finally reveal my face, or at least half of it. I feel like I’ve come out of the closet – lavender hair and all. Oh, hayyyyyyyyy! 

As for my blog theme, the old one was not mobile responsive and basically more out of vogue than wearing dresses over jeans. (Or wait… is that in again? No. Definitely not.) In this case, change was way overdue.

Like Peter Brady, I’ve personally never been very comfortable with change. Even when I switch out my sponge I feel a sense of remorse and longing, like, did I really get everything I could out of the old one?

Similarly, I’m kind of on the fence about this new blog design (or theme, whatever you want to call it). So I’m asking you: what do you guys think of my new blog?

I’ve created a fancy poll below where you can provide your answer, but it would be most helpful if you’d leave a comment letting me know specifically what you like or don’t like about it. Click around a bit – check out the home page and some other pages. Swirl it around in your mouth for a while. Then come back here and vote and comment.

I have a couple more weeks to return it for a full refund, so, you know, hop to it.


Thanks, guys! Okay, I’ve got one more for you. It’s just as quick as the last one, promise.


I thank you from the bottom of my loins. Peter Brady thanks you too. Sha-na-na-na-na!


24 replies

  1. I’m good with the new design. Love the colors and the navigation is painless.
    But of course it is your content that keeps bringing me here.
    Brilliant content…
    Love it.

  2. I prefer the old design. Classier & more mature. This is too … bubblegum. Sorry! Although content is 100% the same! My dissatisfaction is with the aesthetics ONLY.

    Keep bloggin’!

  3. I like the new vibe of the place. It’s fresh and happy like a summer’s eve. As for the banana it’s not that it threatens me, it’s more the cavalier way in which you’re holding it.

    Like the immortal and immoral Spice Girls said, if you wanna be my lover…. Ouch!

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