5 Reasons Why Naked Dating Shows are the Worst Possible Idea Ever

Dating Naked

Reality dating shows are nothing new. From Love Connection to The Bachelor, couples have been making asses of themselves trying to score on television for decades.

But apparently that wasn’t enough, because Hollywood has introduced a new type of dating show in which contestants are letting it ALL hang out for the home viewing audience to ogle and, of course, judge. Welcome to Dating Naked! Yes, naked. Like, actually naked. Apparently, it’s all the rage.

Sadly, it seems the network executives overlooked all the potential hazards that might arise during a butt nude rendezvous. And I’ve outlined them all in my first article over on Elite Daily! (Hint: penises and vaginas and assholes, oh my!)

If you haven’t yet heard of Elite Daily, it’s pretty addictive and has been called “like BuzzFeed without pets” by the New York Times. Sorry, cat ladies (self included).

Please go read it and do me a super solid and share it on Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus coz that would ruuuuuuuuully help me out over there, guys!

Oh, but GO READ IT FIRST. Thank you!

P.S. Guest post coming this week from Single Steve! Super excited!!

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  2. So funny. This reminded me of the whole Jessie Nizewitz story. First she prostitutes her body for the “dating naked” tv show, then she get’s upset when everyone sees her naked. LOL, some people!

  3. Your article was so funny…..each reason better than the previous one. YUK – – I have not heard of this show. Anyway…your article provided me with a good chuckle this morning…

  4. Worse than surprise boners (your number 1), from a guy’s point of view, would be visible shrinkage. A sitting position doesn’t exactly enhance things, and if the conversation should require a great deal of concentration, like being a contestant on Jeapordy, my little guy might become, well, a little guy.

    I guess that does fall into the category of your number 5, too soon. Just because a guy has a thimble down there, that doesn’t mean he wants he to know it on the first date.

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