How To Please a Woman: A Strikingly Real Interview With a Straight Male Escort

Straight male escort

I have a new sexual fantasy. The old one was all about doing it in a kiddie pool filled with baby oil. The other old one was doing it anywhere with Mark Wahlberg. But this new one involves doing it with… you’re not gonna believe it, but… a male escort.

It’s not because I can’t get laid. I mean, Jesus Christ, I’m a WOMAN. I could very easily step outside at any time of day and find someone to poke me within five minutes. Or I could go online and find someone within five seconds.

But in this fantasy, I don’t want some random schmuck — I want a pro. Someone model-hot, who knows what the FUCK he’s doing, to come over and do exactly what I want, for as long as I want — and I don’t have to do a goddamned thing.

Don’t get me wrong, under normal circumstances I love the reciprocal nature of sex. But in my fantasy, it’s all about ME. No BJ, no jackhammer, no reverse cowgirl, no tolerating bad oral and absolutely no ball work. And while I’m not always 100% comfortable ordering around a regular guy like the motherfucking G-spot Gestapo, I’d be cool doing it with an escort.

OK, truthfully, I can’t actually imagine it happening. I mean, I can’t really see myself as a john, even though a gay Thai hooker thought differently. But if times get tough, well, who knows.

But in the midst of this dreaming about male ‘tutes, I stumbled across a real one on Twitter! He’s an Italian stallion living in London and his name is Leonardo Love. He agreed to let me interview him, and his answers are very honest and quite enlightening.

straight male gigolo

Leonardo’s shirtless selfie

1. How did you get started as an escort?

I think it is the dream of every man, and I have the opportunity to do it. I love girls, and I find it very exciting to be asked to have sex for money.

The story is more complex though: I tried to get into the amateur porn industry (sex WITH condoms) because I felt I had to satisfy my desires, but I quickly withdrew because I did not like the environment. I like much more the intimacy of a one-to-one encounter. In the same period I started seeing a female escort regularly, probably the rarest kind of girl: an extremely beautiful nymphomaniac. I had a lot of fun, discovered my “talents” and realized that I was probably a nymphomaniac too (the correct term for a male would be “hyper-sexual”). She suggested that I start escorting. I had wanted to enter the sex industry anyway, so the choice was easy, and I became a straight male escort.

2. Tell me about these “talents.”

Well, there are a few 🙂

  • Unlimited stamina – I can I have sex continuously and at high intensity with few breaks for up to four hours
  • I’m very well endowed, definitely much over the average size
  • I am very athletic, with a very fit and muscular body
  • I am very clever and funny, and I can entertain the complex mind of a girl XD

3. How do you find your clients?

Online using Twitter, Adultwork and my personal website. I am part of an agency in London, but I did not get anything up to now from them.

4. Describe the kinds of clients you get.

I have encountered five types of clients:

  1. Couples MF, often married, between 30 and 40 years old. The girl is usually extremely beautiful
  2. Young girls who want to treat themselves (birthday, or because they want to try)
  3. Female escorts who want to treat themselves. Usually they are over 35 years old. Younger escorts are usually VERY greedy and think that spending money to have a man is not worth it…WRONG!
  4. Older girls who want to stay with a younger guy
  5. Crazy girls! (See #8)

5. What type of client do you most frequently get?

Open-minded MF couples who want some sexual fun outside the boundaries of their relationship.

6. What is the most common request you receive?

It depends on the client, but generally:

  • MF couples: They usually ask me to have sex with the girl while the man is watching and touching himself.
  • Young girls: Dinner dates, flirting, intimate discussions, followed by A LOT of kissing (which I do love!)
  • Older women: As above, but less kissing and more sex 🙂
  • Young escorts: A lot of cuddles, kissing, oral sex and for the few who can have sex for long, a few hours of continuous sex (2-3 hours straight sex maximum, sometimes followed up by another shorter session).
  • Older escorts: Well, this is sometimes a challenge…which I always win XD. Anyway as above, but more talks prior to sex. Four hours straight sex was the most challenging request… and I loved it!!

7. What is the freakiest thing you’ve been asked to do?

Lick a girl’s feet while the man was watching and touching himself. Particular things are decided before the meeting to avoid awkward situations, so not usually very freaky, really.

8. Have you ever turned someone away? Based on what?

No never, I usually try to know my clients through speaking on the phone and over e-mail. There was one strange encounter – the girl answered a phone call in the middle of our meeting. Afterward she became very agitated and started screaming about random problems she had and even blamed me for her problems (?????). I calmed her down then asked if she wanted to continue the meeting. We continued until the end.

9. What types of activities will you NOT participate in?

Homosexual encounters, gang bangs, bareback sex (sex without condoms), watersports, hardsports, heavy torture.

10. Why do most of your clients hire a male escort?

Girls hire a male escort to be loved during our time together, to be teased, and to get a performance they would never get with a normal partner.

11. Are the women looking for sex or companionship?

Always both: companionship in the sense they want to be treated as if we were really in love, and of course high quality sex. I suppose they could search for companionship only, but they would hire a male model.

12. Do you have a girlfriend, and if so, does she know you are an escort?

I used to have a “girlfriend” if you could call it that, and she was an escort. From the time I started escorting I have never had a real girlfriend, nor I would have had time to have one.

13. Is it difficult to date or have a relationship?

I really think that it is the only downside of being an escort.

14. Is this your primary job or is it just for extra cash?

Extra cash only. No straight male escort can live with only this job, there are not enough clients. To be honest I do not want this as my only job, it would be repetitive and I’d stop enjoying it.

15. Do your friends and family know you are an escort?

Apart from female escort friends/partners and one friend, nobody I know is aware of what I do.

16. Do the women expect you to orgasm, or do they even care?

Yes they do, but only if they are very kind girls (or couples) who think about their partner. The typical phrase is, “We had sex for so long, I came a lot of times, why didn’t you? Are you enjoying it?” And my usual reply, which is generally very true is, “Well, I cannot be multi-orgasmic like a girl. I really enjoy seeing you satisfied… if you stay with me for a few days, you can see me cum as many times as you want!”

17. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Ahahah, it is rare, but I did it a few times.

18. What do you do if the client has difficulty getting off?

I usually do a lot of oral sex and kissing. The penetration would always have its effect on its own, but I like to prepare the girl beforehand, to make the penetration even more exciting from the beginning.

19. Do you have difficulty achieving an erection if you are not attracted to your client?

Yes I do, but I sort of select my clients. With an average girl who takes care of herself I do not have any problem getting an erection. Many male escorts take drugs, but I prefer to have natural sex. If you come to see me, you know that you are the reason for my erection! 😉

20. How long do your dates usually last?

From two hours to the whole night. I have no problems having sex the entire time… I love it!

21. Tell us one secret about being an escort that no one would have suspected.

An elite straight male escort like myself is able to love you and get physically and emotionally involved (the erection for me comes from this). I love girls’ companionship, especially if we had never met before. It is awesome to get to know each other from scratch, without any cultural boundaries and restrictions.


22. What do you think is the biggest mistake most men make when trying to please a woman sexually?

They think about themselves, instead of thinking about pleasing the partner. I think it is a gift you need to have, but everyone can train and significantly improve their concentration and skills. Penetration is not the only thing to do, and if you are not endowed you need to do more oral sex, use toys and kiss passionately (if you love each other).

Men usually last 10 minutes. This is pretty bad. You should give at least 30-40 minutes to permit the girl to orgasm once.

I get sexual satisfaction when I feel that my partner is enjoying herself, feeling her moaning and breathing on my neck, or while kissing each other. I like to please my partner(s); my pleasure comes from it.

From a technical side, I learnt to perfectly control the orgasm and to have sex for many hours (it became very easy for me). Moreover I am endowed, and it helps during the penetration. With me the girl will orgasm…or she will die trying to. XD


Ladies, if you’d like to have a date with Leo, hit him up on Twitter, e-mail or his website. He’s based in London but travels frequently. Where to? You’ll have to ask. You’re welcome. Report back with details.

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  1. Excellent interview, I loved it! The guy seemed to be very honest. Well, I frequently hire gigolos on my trips (I am a 40’s executive type woman with no time for relationships) and so far I have found Los Angeles and Las Vegas to be by far the best place to hire men.

    One thing that everybody should be aware when hiring a male companion is the “gay effect”. When you find someone on the listing sites, GOOGLE HIS NAME! Many times he will advertises as a straight escort but then you will find the same name and pictures on gay sites. That’s one thing we – women – should really watch out for. We DO want to have fun but we want to make sure that we stay healthy after all and there is a much higher risk with men who meet other men for this type of activity.

    I am not sure if I am allowed to link here so I am just going to say it:
    LOS ANGELES: Go with Gabriel or Lee!
    LAS VEGAS: Go with Aleksander Boudin! He many times frequents Los Angeles too and New York city.

    I am into GQ types with a side of brain 😉 If that’s your type too, you will have a great time!

    Hope this helps!

    • Hey Leanne,

      Thanks for the recommendation. I am single woman who loves to explore her adventurous side from time to time and I contacted Aleksander when I was in Las Vegas. WOW! What a man!!!!

      Picking guys online is honestly a very scary thing for a girl like me even though I like to have fun sometimes but most of the profiles I have seen are unprofessional.

      Anyway, thanks again, Mr. Boudin is a GEM!

  2. Set up simple codes she can use: “up” or “down” for where to move your hand, for example. Or ask her, “How’s this feel, one to 10?” then vary the pressure.

  3. Wow! Its great article about how to please a women interview. As a man i really like this article & this was very helpful for me. Thanks for great article.

  4. its an interesting article to read about. how to please a women interview. its a very difficult task to satisfy a women. we must have to get that much knowledge

  5. Sigh…a male escort is something about which I’ve dreamed for years. Sadly, I feel as though I’d be a chore as I’m slowly losing the battle of weight management.

    On a side note: after trolling the interwebz for straight male escorts for women, the offerings are either scary, skeevy, self-delusional, or way out of the average woman’s league. Guys like Leonardo are as rare as hen’s teeth.

  6. Don’t think I haven’t thought about this. I just wrote a post yesterday about how it’s been a full year with no sex – and no end in sight. If there was a straight male escort service here, I would be calling.

    • Hi there! Thanks for the question, which needs a quite detailed answer.

      Yes I consider it when I am not sure about the girl hygiene and when meeting Couples. In Receiving Oral Sex (from a girl) it is very very unlikely to get serious STDs unless Deep Throating (which I do only with condoms if someone asks…); minor ones can be transmitted more often though, but nothing serious only annoying.
      About Giving Oral (to a girl) it is pratically impossible to get something serious if the Oral Sex is mainly on the Clit or mainly external. Deep Oral, which I do love, has a higher risk but anyway much less risky compared to Oral Sex given to a man in terms of getting serious STDs. Just take care of how is your skin after shaving and decide.
      I sometimes used a little sheet of plastic, but I know that there are special condoms…I had never found them around though 😦 😦
      To finish it is statistically proven that Oral Sex is VERY LOW risk in normal conditions (no period, no other skin problems etc…). I think there are much more serious risks in life 😉

      • I totally understand where you are coming from, however, herpes is a serious disease that can be spread through receiving oral sex. Sure there are far worse things to do than give/receive oral sex but I can agree that yes if you are engaging in this with multiple partners, a dental dam or condom should still be present. no matter if the person appears “clean” or not. There are many STDs that do not show telltale signs. Oral sex is the most frequently overlooked because people believe it to be so “highly unlikely” but it is something that is still sex and therefore is still risky enough that a condom needs to be used regularly especially having a career in the sex industry.

        • well, I get tested monthly when I am very active, and up to now I am perfectly clean. Two consecutive tests (now and two months ago) without risky sex between them, so I am clean at 100%.

          Anyway I agree, and I do use the condom as I said unless I see something suspicious. Actually secondary STIs have external symtomps so it is quite easy to decide to do protected oral with them or avoid it at all. Dental Dams are very rare to find, that’s the problem.

          It is not that “people believe”, it was statistically proven that serious STDs are very very unlikely to be passed by Oral Sex. Especially from female to male, it is practically impossible.

          About Herpes it is true, however it is passed mainly when you have external symptoms, so again you can avoid Oral Sex…and in USA 80% of sexual active people have it, so goodluck XDXD

  7. Excellent information (I wouldn’t quibble with one word of it) that it took me decades of trial-and-error about people and parts to learn the basic truths conveyed in youe interview. The women who let me enter their lives and beds would have been satisfied much better if I had read this at age 17, and if I had recognized it to be true. It should be required reading for young men, or men of any age for that matter.

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