I Am Super Pissed Off About the Mild Response to This Two-Way Mirror in a Women’s Restroom at a Bar and the Dirtbag Owner Who Says “Tough Shit, Ladies”

I wrote this last night in a fit of rage and haven’t edited. Enjoy.

Guys, I am PISSED OFF and OUTRAGED and JACKED UP over this shit about a two-way mirror in the women’s restroom at some Chicago comedy club. In fact, prepare yourself for a colossal onslaught of ALL CAPS and EXPLETIVES to follow, because in this case it is goddamn warranted.

If you haven’t heard, a comic named Tamale Rocks recently posted a video uncovering a two-way mirror in the ladies’ restroom of a club where she performed. A TWO-WAY MIRROR. As in, I can see you, but you can’t see me. So, men could ostensibly hang out on the other side and get their jollies watching women pull down their pants and piss and shit and do whatever else they do in what they RIGHTFULLY ASSUME is the privacy of a fucking bathroom.

And believe it or not, that’s not even the worst part, AS BAD AS THAT IS, which is a goddamned disgusting atrocity. No, the worst part is that, when confronted, the owner refused to remove the mirror and told whoever doesn’t like it to – get this – GO FUCK THEMSELVES. Yes, for fucking real.

This is what that scumbag actually said:

I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror. Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us? … This is a fun house, honey, and if you don’t like the two-way mirror, go fuck yourself.”

You can read the whole steaming shitshow of an interview over at Jezebel.

I have read several articles discussing this case and everyone is being so GODDAMNED POLITE and I am wracking my brain to figure out why everyone isn’t COMPLETELY LOSING THEIR SHIT. Even the headline at Jezebel, deemed by many to be the supreme ruling fire-bitchiest of feminist sites on the world wide web (which I love), had this headline:

Woman Uncovers Two-Way Mirror in Bar Bathroom; Owner Says It’ll Stay

WHAT?!?! COME ON, JEZEBEL! That reads about as impactful as “Cat Takes Crap in Box, Covers It With Litter.” A more effective and accurate headline, methinks, might be, oh:

“Biggest Shitbag on Planet Uses Two-Way Mirror to Egregiously Violate Unsuspecting Women Trying to Take an Innocent Piss By Turning Them Into a Motherfucking Peep Show; Tells Everyone Who Doesn’t Like It to Fuck Off”

Yeah, that might be more appropriate.

Even the brilliant feminist writer Lindy West, who normally skewers misogynistic pissheads like this with her machete-sharp, unmatchable words and wit, was somewhat tame in her piece, “Two-Way Mirrors in the Toilets, Yet Another Sign That Comedy Has a Sexist Dark Side.”

A sexist dark side, indeed. However, I’m of the mind that referring to the attitude of fuck women and their ridiculous desire for privacy while using the toilet because my cronies and I get a kick out of it and that’s far more important as a “sexist dark side” is putting is pretty damn mildly.

Now, I realize Lindy writes for The Guardian and the folks over there probably want to put forth an air of professionalism and intelligence so ALL CAPS and a lot of fucks probably ain’t gonna fly. Because I know she could’ve hung this guy up by the balls if she wanted to.

Oh, and there’s also the thing about how when women get all screamy and stuff, men assume we’re just in the midst of some kind of psychotic hysterical period rage and dismiss us as being “overemotional.” WHATEVER, MOTHERFUCKERS. I AM ROYALLY PISSED, AND FOR DAMN GOOD REASON. This is not an overreaction, if anything, everything else I’ve read on the topic has been an underreaction.

This ain’t The Guardian, it’s my rinky dink personal homegrown blog and I’ll say whatever the fuck I goddamn please, because clearly somebody has to. And also because ‘Murrica, mofos, and if this asshole can hang a two-way mirror in the ladies’ john and give negative five fucks about it, then I can give 5,000 fucks in this uncensored rant.

Now, club owner Ronnie (yes, a grown man named Ronnie) said (as he laughed uncomfortably) that there’s no “hanky panky” (yes, his words) going on and the mirror is part of a “fun house” theme to scare the bejesus out of chicks in the shitter with a big monster head through the mirror. Uh-huh. Homie makes a monumental stink and tells a writer to fuck herself and screw the right to privacy because he’s attached to a dumb prank?

Oh, and also? The local police chief says that while videotaping women in a restroom is against the law, there is currently no law barring two-way mirrors in the restroom. WHAT THE MOTHERFUCKING LORD OF WHAT?? Do we really need a LAW to let people know that spying on women while they use the toilet is SOME SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP SHIT?

How about this? VOYEURISM is illegal. INVASION OF PRIVACY, which occurs when a reasonable expectation of privacy is infringed upon, has legal ramifications. I’d say women have a reasonable expectation of privacy when using the bathroom.

But no, Ronnie just wants us to trust him, ‘cause it’s all in good fun, and besides, the door with the mirror remains unlocked so women could open it whenever they wanted to. LIKE I WOULD EVER EXPECT THAT THERE’S A TWO-WAY MIRROR IN THERE AND OH I BETTER CHECK TO SEE IF ANYONE IS HAVING A LOOK-SEE WHILE I PEE? The idea that some women might protest the fact that there is a two-way mirror facing the toilet is all part of this awful “feminine hatred” that Ronnie just doesn’t understand.

OK. Let’s for one second give Ronnie the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s telling the truth, and that in the nearly 15 years that mirror’s been up, it has never been used to gawk at unconsenting women in the bathroom. (Because that’s totally believable, cough, cough.) But could he maybe have the compunction to pause for a second and think, “Hmm, yeah, I can see how women might be uncomfortable with that.” Evidently not.

Oh, and by the by, Ronnie is just tickled pink about all this attention because it means he gets to sell more chicken wings. Klassy guy.

Listen, I dunno how this will all play out and if the Keystone Cops over in Chi-town are going to figure out a way to take down this horrendous mirror, and hopefully the asswipe owner with it, but if they don’t I have half a mind to blast into that restroom on day 2 of my period, extract my Diva Cup and dump it into Ronnie’s whisky sour then call it a gag. Ha ha ha! Now that would be some funny shit, Ron.


Feature image via Fox News

30 replies

  1. If a guy poked his head into the ladies room without the mirror, THAT is not ok — but sneaking peaks through a two-way mirror IS? How would those guys feel if they walked into the men’s room and found all th guys watching one of their wives? If it had happened to mine, I would ram Ronnie’s head through that

  2. So I just read the whole article and skipped the video, now I 100% agree with you, in my mind I am thinking oh….at least there is a door.. you know? Like in most bathrooms there is a stall, you can even lock it. Then I watch the video! WTH! Just the fact that you have to look at yourself while sitting on the crapper should be in itself a funny joke. If I ever used the washroom and then found out there had been a two way mirror staring me in the face I would NEVER use a public washroom again! (Add it to the list of 9568946749689 things I need to protect myself from because I have a vagina) <yes a small exaggeration on the number. Now I sort of see the owners 'argument' yes you do need to walk into the ladies washroom and then into the broom closet, which from this video I see isn't locked…BUT in a busy comedy club with I am assuming drunk people everywhere the possibility of someone sneaking into the washroom is VERY possible. Someone could even set up a camera in the broom closet, which unfortunately is not an exaggeration because it has happened plenty of times, that now I have to look around for a possible camera while I pee. Let's just say yes invasion of privacy for sure! Take down the two way mirror and put in just a normal mirror! I cannot figure out why this guy NEEDS to have this two mirror in there…………

  3. Good day, I might first want to say thank you for exhibiting your contention in a smooth and normal attitude without the utilization of affront or denunciations. That is all that much refreshing

  4. I’m still trying to figure out if this place had any signs anywhere notifying people this was a 2 way mirror or not. If so, it is much ado about nothing. But if not, I completely & vehemently agree w/you this is completely out of bounds, a violation of privacy, and should fall under the same peeping tom laws people get arrested for.

  5. Completely horrified at the fact there’s a two way mirror in a ladies restroom. What type of creep spies on ladies taking a dump or pee? That is just an odd fetish. Ronnie should try putting one in the men’s restroom if he plans on keeping one in the ladies room just to be fair.

  6. This place happens to be in Berwyn. Nothing will happen. Ronnie will keep his mirror. The police will do nothing, and there will be no protest, and none of the elected officials will do a thing about it!

  7. Naomi, I’m a comedian from Chicago who has been regularly attending open mic nights at cigars and Stripes for the past 8 years. It’s one of those off and on, rowdy, chill places that is such a rare mix of people that makes it a great room to test out your new material. I have also had almost all of the women in my family come to see a show there at one time or another. I did this knowing about the two-way mirror, and not having any hesitation about their safety and or privacy. I knew that they would be ok for several reasons, one of which is the fact that I’ve actually been to the bar and know the owner. I feel like there is one thing that has not been covered in all of the media stories, radio appearances, Twitter rants, news reels, and blogs. That one thing is the layout of the bar, which i essentially a 25′ x 50′ room with a big square bar in the middle. The only door the female washroom is directly next to the corner of the bar, about three feet from it. There is nothing in between the corner of the bar and the door to the female washroom. The room is a completely open space. If a man, or woman, were to go into the female bathroom with the intent of hiding behind the two-way mirror to watch women use the toilet, literally everyone would see them. So let’s say for arguments sake someone went in there before the bar opened and squeezed themselves into the very small space in the broom closet where the cleaning supplies are kept behind the two way mirror door. There is only room enough to stand. They would need to stand there for a very, very, very long time, until everyone else had left the bar. Because, if they didn’t every single person inside the bar would see them come out of the women’s washroom. Also, the door to the broom closet, only locks from the outside. Our imagined nefarious pervert could be discovered at any time. All one would need to do is simply open up the broom closet door. The one time that I witnessed a man try and go into the womans’ washroom, he was almost beat up by one of the patrons girlfriends. This patron knew about the two-way mirror and thought that this young comedian was going to try to use it to peep. Naively, the young comedian did not want to wait for the men’s bathroom, and had no knowledge of the two way mirror. This bar is located in a very blue collar community. The people, like the bar, can be very rough and tumble and sometimes off-putting. but, they are not dirt bags that would ever allow something like this to go on for the past dozen or so years of the mirror has been there. They watch out for their own. I know what you’re thinking, “well maybe they put a video recorder behind the two way mirror.” If that was the case, how could this go on so long? How is it that not one of those videos ever showed up on the Internet? Is the owner of this bar maybe just using them for his own personal pleasure? Let me elaborate since I know the man personally for almost a decade now. No. Ronnie is a man with children, & a wife that he loves you very much. They live in an apartment on the second floor of the bar. Ronnie has worked incredibly hard to get this place to be profitable and to cater to artists in the community. Also, his demeanor and attitude is very much that of a self stylized rock ‘n roll carnival barker, and self made man. He is one of the few men in my life that I’ve met that truly does not give a shit about what people think, other than his family, friends, regulars, and those performing at his place. He speaks his mind, gruffly, plainly, truthfully, and without much filter. Unfortunately, I think, most people in the world don’t do that today. And when they do, it’s usually some sort of violent knee-jerk reaction to something that they either don’t know much about, won’t do much about, or are completely unwilling to change their minds about once other facts are presented. The fact is this, as Ronnie has explained, the mirror has only ever been used to pull pranks on unsuspecting victims. (I’m not going to bore you by explaining the entire prank, simply look Peppers Ghost/ Potters Ghost or listen to one of the many interviews in which Ronnie explains the prank) While it might seem cruel to pull a scary prank on people, the success of Jackass, Candid Camera, and Impractical Jokers speaks to the public’s want to see these kind of practical jokes. Being the man that he is, Ronnie knew/felt right away once he received a call from jezebel.com that he would not get a fair shake from the most popular feminist website in America, no matter how this was explained to the public. So why not go balls out with your reaction, especially after being very upset with the comedian that misrepresented something she knew nothing about. Ronnie knew that giving that type of reaction would only bring more press. And since he is a former wrestling promoter and self stylized carnival barker with a “funhouse bar”, he knows only that any press is good press when you are running a business that is your family’s sole means of income. And whatever you do, don’t think I use the word feminist in any sort of negative connotation. I am a married man who has nothing but respect and love for all of the women in my life. My wife actually forwarded me the link to the local news report about the two way mirror incident. She was horrified. She texted me that she felt violated and wanted to punch Ronnie in the face. I’m pretty sure she wanted to punch me in the face after I told her that I had known about it for a very long time. But being the smart, independently minded, intelligent woman that she is, she decided not to punch me after I explianed. She was still a little upset, and told me that I was wrong for not telling her. Which I was. The fact was that I knew about it, understood what it was there for, and knew that no one had ever, or would ever allow that mirror to be used for untoward or perverted purposes. Because I knew all the facts, I viewed it as so benign that I didn’t even feel that it was worth mentioning to the woman whom I love with all of my heart. I understand that the initial reaction to finding out about the two way mirror would be to assume that it was used for perverted purposes, and to feel violated and angry about it. The problem as I see it, is not just the fact that the two way mirror exists. It is also the fact that most people who are very angry about this, don’t know anything about the place, the owner, or what the mirror has ever been used for. I understand that its very existence could bother people. however, I may be naive in assuming that anyone who would simply listen to the facts would then understand that there is no wrongdoing. There is no danger or perversion. It is simply a device used to play pranks on people. Much like putting a whoopee cushion under your grandma’s seat as a child, she may think it’s absolutely disgusting because of the fact that it mimics the sound of a fart. But I bet you will laugh your butt off. And in the end, no one was hurt.

    • Hey there, I would first like to say thank you for presenting your argument in a calm and rational demeanor without the use of insults or invectives. That is very much appreciated and sadly, rare.

      But here’s the thing. The mirror still has to go. Even though you are certain Ronnie means no harm and are convinced this thing has never been used for wrongdoing, truthfully, there’s no way to know this for sure.

      Women spend pretty much every day of their entire lives knowing that they are potential targets for sexual attack. We feel vulnerable to it all the time – walking down the street, parking in a garage, even getting dressed near a window. It is totally normal that anyone – male or female – who discovered a two-way mirror in a women’s restroom is going to think one thing. I can’t imagine anyone who would automatically assume it was used for pranks. There are a lot of pervs out there. A LOT. To be sure, not every man is a perv, but there are enough to be concerned. As a woman who writes on the internet, I know this better than anyone.

      I know you are friends with Ronnie and that many people think he’s just a good guy with a rough edge, but his response is a tremendous slap in the face of women who really just want to feel safe. That he would rather burn his establishment to the ground (an exaggeration, I’m sure, but still quite a statement) instead of even considering that a woman might feel vulnerable with that mirror present (and rightfully so – especially when many of them do not know the nature of the mirror), is unacceptable.

      If he was at all concerned with making his patrons feel welcome and safe in his club, he’d take it down. There are many other ways of carrying out pranks. But Ronnie seems like the type who just doesn’t like to be told what to do. I can only hope the police will intervene.

      • The mirror will not come down. The police feel it is just fine. I live in Berwyn. I feel as you do, the response from Ronnie was nothing short of a slap in the face. I don’t understand why women have not decided to protest outside of this bar. Also, living in Berwyn, the other thing that has upset me is the fact that we have not heard one word from our Mayor or any other elected officials.

        • So disheartening. I would suggest that you contact them if you haven’t already. They will listen to citizens. Sadly, I am many miles away.

        • Naomi Lane, not in Berwyn. It is just about a clone of Cicero. Too corrupt to listen to their citizens. If you look at twitter Mr.Ronnie is acting like his heart is broken. Check it out. He is now portraying the victim.

  8. Fading echo’s of false rage. The simple fact is that not only Ronnie see’s this as “NBD”, the local police see this as “NBD”. The Chicago media, that turned up in droves with their camera crews saw this as “NBD”. The staff and customers see this as “NBD”. Pretty much everyone, save for a small handful of Internet warriors that have no real understanding of the facts see this as “NBD”. Even the Internet warriors have moved on for the most part, mainly because it really is “NBD”.

    The truth of the matter is that the mirror is plainly obvious. It’s never been a secret, far from it, thousands of people have seen it and laughed at it for the dozen or so years that it’s been in place. It’s attached to the unlocked door of a broom closet. A door and a closet that is only accessible from inside of the restroom itself. Anyone who’s ever suspected that a boogyman might somehow have entered the restroom unnoticed while in plain view of pretty much everyone inside the bar to hide in that little closet and peer through that plainly obvious mirror would only have to open the door and see for themselves that their suspicions were unfounded. Even then, if still uncomfortable, the option of simply leaving the closet door open, thereby placing this “evil” gimmick against the doors adjoining wall has always been available.

    There is one thing however that could be the big deal that you’re looking for. That restroom has never been so busy as it has been since this “story” broke and if you do have to go, chances are, you’ll have to wait in line.

    • You can read my response to Aherr above. The mirror is plainly obvious but it is not plainly obvious that it is a TWO-WAY MIRROR. Why would I open the door? Why would I even assume that it could potentially be a two-way mirror? I wouldn’t. No one would.

    • I don’t know. I seriously don’t fucking know. How anyone could even possibly think this was even a teensy bit acceptable is far beyond my comprehension.

  9. With the only reservation being that the anger you feel about something 2,000 miles away being more harmful to your health than to Ronnie’s, I share your outrage. Anyone who doesn’t condemn this shit condones it. The challenge is to convert that anger into something that will change the situation, and not just eat away at your insides. I’m much closer to Chicago than you are, and I’ll give it some thought.

  10. Any man who enjoys watching a girl pee and poo is absolutely disgusting, that does even need to be pointed out. I don’t even enjoy watching myself pee or poo. He’s disgusting looking he’s got it coming. Don’t waste the energy

  11. LOVE your “rant,” which is actually more of a call to arms against something I can’t even fathom being allowed to happen — much less be politely passed over like beets at Thanksgiving. What the hell? If a guy poked his head into the ladies room without the mirror, THAT is not ok — but sneaking peaks through a two-way mirror IS? How would those guys feel if they walked into the men’s room and found all th guys watching one of their wives? If it had happened to mine, I would ram Ronnie’s head through that F#$%ing mirror.

    • Right? Can’t even fathom. Like couldn’t even fathom in some kind of alternate universe. It boggles my mind that he somehow thinks this is NBD and women just need to calm the fuck down? WTF!? I’d love to see men’s reactions when they realize their wives or daughters have been violated. Absolutely insane.

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