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Naomi Lane

I am a single girl dating in Los Angeles. Sometimes. It's interesting.

I’m Single Again

I have a confession to make: I’m single. Yes, again. Now, I realize many of you may be furrowing your brow and looking up at the blog title, wondering if you are in the right place and thinking, uh, when was she not single? Rest assured, you’re not crazy (or […]

Boff, Marry or Kill: Magic Mike Edition

This past Fourth of July, millions of Americans witnessed fireworks displays in and around their neighborhoods. And I, too, experienced some great balls o’ fire myself. That’s right, Sammy, I celebrated our nation’s independence by grabbing my three favorite gay men and running to the nearest theater to watch Magic […]

Three Things for You

Summer has officially begun, and so far, I’m liking it. It’s been gorgeous in LA and the last two nights I had two incredible dreams! The first night I dreamt that I was making out with Joseph Gordon Levitt. It was glorious – until my stupid alarm clock cockblocked me. […]

Top 10 First Date Ideas

All week long I’ve been loitering about the house with a wicked case of bronchitis and unwashed hair. You’d think I’d take advantage of this time to write a proper blog post rather than watch HGTV, but sadly, I’m in no mood to write and the Property Brothers really work […]

Not Everyone is Going to Like You

Well, hello there. I just caught you staring, didn’t I? Staring at my blog, wondering when a new post might arrive. Well, looky here! A brand spankin’ new post, just for you! Your wish = my command. But only in this instance. Don’t start expecting it or anything. I know […]

On Vacay

I love vacations. Vacations are therapeutic for the soul; they help you re-energize, re-charge and re-lots of other good stuff. Do I sound like an article from Self magazine yet? The reason I bring this up is because I need a little break myself… from blogging. Just a little vacay, […]