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Naomi Lane

I am a single girl dating in Los Angeles. Sometimes. It's interesting.

Hot Guys Doing Horoscopes

Hey there friends, Romans and countrymen. Apologies for not posting for a spell. I’ve been out of town and taking care of business, so I thought I’d throw my ladies and gays a little eye candy to make up for it. Sorry, straight dudes. You can grab a Maxim. If […]

Hoochie Halloween [re-post]

Note: I originally posted this last year on November 1, but because it is hoochie season once again and people seemed to enjoy it, I am re-posting for your ghoulish pleasure. Happy Hoochie Halloween! *** I didn’t dress up for Halloween last night. Why? Frankly, I’m over it. What was […]

I Am Not Dead

Hidey ho, reader! I know I haven’t been posting as regularly as usual, but I assure you I have not been abducted by misogynistic pygmies, or anyone else for that matter. I could give you a million reasons — I’ve been buried at work, my corn’s been acting up, I’ve […]