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Hoochie Halloween [re-post]

Note: I originally posted this last year on November 1, but because it is hoochie season once again and people seemed to enjoy it, I am re-posting for your ghoulish pleasure. Happy Hoochie Halloween! *** I didn’t dress up for Halloween last night. Why? Frankly, I’m over it. What was […]

Friends with Benefits in Hollywood

I recently saw two ridiculous romantic comedies: “No Strings Attached” and “Love & Other Drugs.” Don’t laugh. I was on a plane. With few exceptions, I am really not a fan of the rom-com, and the word “ridiculous” goes along with them more often than not. These flicks I find […]

Case Study: A Good Online Dating Profile

Lately, I have stumbled upon a number of blog posts discussing bad online dating profiles. Some cover biggest turn-offs while others re-post the offending profile and call out everything that’s wrong with it. I wholeheartedly understand the frustration and often come across barf-inducing profiles that leave me thinking, sweet Jesus, […]