Greatest Hits

Not everyone wants to sift through every single blog post, and let’s face it, some are more awesome than others. So I’m releasing Single Girl Blogging’s Greatest Hits, enabling you fair weather fans to get straight to the goodies. Here are some of the more popular posts, or just posts that I personally dig.

How I Learned What Hump Meant

WTF is Victoria Beckham’s Problem?

Why I Shouldn’t Have Kids

If You’ve Got a Camera and a Penis, Read This

6 Reasons Why Having a Boy Toy Rocks My World

The Teeniest Weenie of All Time

Saturday Night Gas Fest

Eleven Inches

My Brain, My Gut, My Heart and My Vag

No, I Don’t Want to Be Your Facebook Friend

Single Girl Blogging Answers Your Questions!

The Craigslist Creep


Bagels & Dicks

Hoochie Halloween

The One That Got Away Got Married

That’s Not My Name

Relationship Milestone: The First Poo

Dating “Experts” or Just People with Opinions?

Adventures in Thailand: The Happy Ending

Adventures in Thailand: The Gay Hooker

Be a Baby, Why Don’t You?

My name is singlegirlie, and I’m a doucheaholic

Friday Night with Fred: I Never Promised You a BJ

Saturday Night with Fred: Get Off and Get Out

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