Guest Blog Policy

Please select from the choices below. It shouldn’t be too tough.

If you want to write a guest post for me:

Please read this entire section before contacting me.

It is very rare that I allow unsolicited guest posts from someone with whom I do not already have an established relationship (via Twitter, blogs, or whatever). If I don’t know you, I will likely only consider allowing a guest post from you if you have a super exceptional kick ass blog or website that is well-trafficked and features content that I really like: funny, irreverent, in-your-face, clever and NOT advice-y. Think Jezebel or The Frisky. Please READ MY BLOG to get a feel for the tone I am looking for.

I DO NOT accept guest posts in these circumstances:

  1. You are promoting a commercial product, service, brand or website (even if you are disguising the post as an article and “only ask for” a link back to your site).
  2. You are trying to increase inbound links to your site to boost SEO (and I can tell – I work in marketing).
  3. You call me “Sir” or “Madam.”

If you feel you meet the criteria and have read this entire section, please e-mail me with 1) a link to your blog/website, 2) links to writing samples and 3) the topic you want to write about. The more specific the better. Please know that articles on dating advice, such as “5 Things Not to Say on a First Date” or “How to Attract the Man/Woman of Your Dreams,” make me want to blow chunks. Unless they are highly satirical or irreverent in nature, they will likely be deleted.

If I do not respond, it generally means I am not interested – I get lots of these requests (mostly from people who do not meet the criteria) and can’t respond to all of them. Also, it’s possible I’m being a slouch and not checking my e-mail, which, by the way, is singlegirlie [at] ymail [dot] com. Yes, that’s a y and not a g. And yes, I buried the e-mail to make sure you read this whole thing. You can also say hey on Twitter.

If you want me to guest post for you:

Aw, shucks, thanks! I can’t do them all, but please shoot me an e-mail at singlegirlie [at] ymail [dot] com and I promise to consider it.

Peace out. Penis.

8 replies

  1. I would love for you to write a guest post on my blog. Hm..perhaps how to deal with a break up? How to cope with being newly single?

  2. My name is Yulia.I am a freelance photographer based in Miami FL.I love to create, to think, to learn and I love to write. Dating topic was always interesting to me since I was a teenager.In my opinion, relationship is one the most important aspect in our lives, which connected with our success and happiness. I studied phycology and philosophy trying to understand the foundation of the real love story.Experience, observation and mistakes helped a lot too. Looking forward for a chance to write an article for your blog.

  3. Oh one more thing. I have thought about blogging, but I’m certainly not here for that reason. I work to effing much as it is. I need to read more about it before then. Ok. Good night.

  4. Ok. I’ve read it now. I wasn’t really interested in either I just like meeting new people and enjoying their company. I probably won’t pass, damnit. But, I can still try you on twitter? peace out. Penis. or vagina……

  5. Ok, I have written a very snarky, but psychologically correct book that I think you would like-called “never Marry a Momma’s Boy and 62 other men to avoid like the plague”-it started as a rant and got rantier as I went on-here is the link:
    Never Marry a Momma’s Boy: and 62 other men to avoid like the plague!
    Many women today no longer trust themselves to pick a good husband. They may have been divorced one or more times, or seen friends and family go through painful divorces. They worry, talk, receive counseling, etc, trying

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