Top 10 First Date Ideas

All week long I’ve been loitering about the house with a wicked case of bronchitis and unwashed hair. You’d think I’d take advantage of this time to write a proper blog post rather than watch HGTV, but sadly, I’m in no mood to write and the Property Brothers really work […]

Not Everyone is Going to Like You

Well, hello there. I just caught you staring, didn’t I? Staring at my blog, wondering when a new post might arrive. Well, looky here! A brand spankin’ new post, just for you! Your wish = my command. But only in this instance. Don’t start expecting it or anything. I know […]

On Vacay

I love vacations. Vacations are therapeutic for the soul; they help you re-energize, re-charge and re-lots of other good stuff. Do I sound like an article from Self magazine yet? The reason I bring this up is because I need a little break myself… from blogging. Just a little vacay, […]

5 Songs that Never Fail to Make Me Cry

I’ve written before about how starkly I admonish listening to sad songs after a breakup. You know they will just make you sob with more gusto than Jennifer Lopez pretending to be sympathetic on American Idol. I mean, you’re already feeling pathetic and miserable, so don’t go out of your […]

The Worst Kind of Wet Spot

When I was in college, I was oddly acquainted with several individuals who would get drunk, pass out, and then urinate in strange places. Yes, in that order. Prior to my years as an undergrad, I had never known sleep-peeing was even a thing. But I had attended a party […]

Free Condoms and Lube! Seriously!

What can I say about condoms? I’m going to be frank here and say the thing you’re not supposed to say out loud in a public forum because it’s not, well, responsible. But everybody knows the truth. People don’t use condoms because they don’t feel good. But you know what […]