bad dates

A Tell-All Interview with Myself About My Most Recent Date

I had a date a few weeks ago. Actually, two dates. One guy. It took me so long to write about it because I couldn’t find anything interesting to say. They weren’t bad, they weren’t great, and nothing weird or remarkable happened. He didn’t have B.O. He didn’t scream at […]

Best of 2011

Happy motherfucking 2012! Whew, there’s nothing like a gratuitous F-bomb to kick off my first blog post of the year. I recently stumbled across a blog that dedicated an entire page to explaining why it was “F-bomb free.” I think he was a dad and felt the need to be, […]

My Date at the Gay Bar

In my many years of dating, I have been on a number of unique dates: monster truck rallies, old movies at the cemetery, Souplantation… But last week’s date was a first. He wanted to go to a gay bar. Wha??? My initial date with Mark had been about a month […]