A Penis Story

Well, well, well. Welcome back. I knew you’d come. The time has drawn to answer the question: did she or didn’t she do the nasty with Tom on their 24-hour third date? So come with me on this ride. I’ll skip the boring details about the pizza and the movie […]

Eff the Douchebags, I’ve Got a Nice Guy

Last weekend, I had a 24-hour date with Tom. Twenty-four. That’s right, like the TV show. And it was only the third date. It started Saturday evening at his place. I hadn’t expected to spend the night, and I certainly hadn’t expected to spend the day. But lo and behold, […]

Saturday Night Gas Fest

*TMI ALERT* *TMI ALERT* *TMI ALERT* Warning: if you are sensitive about TMI, particularly TMI about bodily functions, stop reading now. Proceed at your own risk. And if you are grossed out or offended, too bad, bitches. I warned you. *** Have you ever been on a date when you […]