5 Tips for Vacation Sex… And I’m Gone!

Vacation sexHi folks, this will be my last post for a couple weeks because I’m taking a much needed vacation to an exotic, faraway land. It will most certainly be interesting because I’m traveling with my fabulous gay bf — and he plans to get thoroughly laid.

My gay bf has his own, unique brand of logic, and I’d like to share with you his tips for travel sex.

1. Vacation sex doesn’t count.
My gay bf has been in a relationship for several years, but he reasons that vacation sex doesn’t count. When I asked if vacation herpes counts, he didn’t seem to understand the question.

2. Leave sex to God.
When making ethical decisions, my gay bf often turns to the Universe. Says he: “If I put an ad on Craigslist and no one answers, it wasn’t meant to be. But if someone answers, that’s God saying he wants me to have sex.” Kumbaya, my lord.

3. Screw in a sauna.
My gay bf is very considerate of me and says he would never kick me out of our room so he can get his groove on. He says he’d much rather bang someone in a bath house anyway, so that others can watch. He is SO sweet!

4. Always ask how much time he’s got.
My gay bf learned this lesson the hard way on his last trip to Las Vegas. He was getting it on with a stud he met online who was staying in the same hotel. About five minutes into foreplay, the stud says, “I have to cum right now.” When gay bf asked why, stud said, “Because my wife is going to get out of the shower any minute.” Yup.

5. Go for the happy ending.
When I told my gay bf I was planning on getting a massage during our trip, he thought I meant I wanted to get my rocks off. He said he wouldn’t want a guy rubbing on his naked body with no happy ending, because he would definitely get aroused. When I suggested a female therapist, he made a face like he’d eaten a piece of bad fish.

As for me, I doubt I’ll be getting any, because I’m not really a one-night-stand kinda girlie (anymore). Don’t look so shocked. However, I have made it my goal to French someone. Wish me luck.

Bye, y’all. Blog ya later!

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  1. Haha, so funny! Next time when you go on vacation with your fabulous gay bf get him one of the new Gayjin guides for iPhone (http://gayjin.info). London, Buenos Aires, Riga and Puerto Vallarta Gayjin apps have built-in offline city maps and many cool listings of the gay gathering places. Was very helpful to me in order to get to meet cute guys in London. Enjoy the holiday!

  2. Hahaha! Have a blast…I’ve never had a problem finding a makeout buddy in any place I’ve traveled to! Now, if only they were as common in normal life, lol… 😉

    • The thing that worries me in that department is that when me & my gay bf go out people think we’re a couple. Contrary to evidence above that suggests otherwise, he’s not a flamboyant gay. I need to get him a T shirt that says “I’m gay, she’s single.” With rainbows.

  3. Enjoy the respite.

    I miss my ex’s gay best friend. Although, sitting downstairs at some strange guy who he’d just met’s house w/her while he had sex w/the dude upstairs the first time I was out w/her and him was a TAD alarming at the time. Especially when you consider there was no closed door and we were trying to find a mood ourself while listening to it the whole time. Ce la vie.

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