Men Could You Please Stop Calling Women Psycho?

PsychoWhen it comes to the battle between men and women, it’s never pretty. Every single day, men bitch about women, women bitch about men, and we drive each other insane in the membrane. In short, we pretty much hate each other. Except for the sex part.

But there is one word that men use to describe women that is overused, misused and abused and I’ve honestly just had enough of it.


I’ve got news for you guys: most women who you call psycho are not in fact psycho.

Lemme break it down for you:

Psycho vs. Not Psycho

If she boils your bunny, she’s psycho.
If she yells at you for not calling, she’s angry.

If she blows up your apartment building, she’s psycho.
If she calls you five times a day, she’s overeager or perhaps needy.

If she stabs you with an ice pick, she’s psycho.
If she trashes your vehicle for cheating on her, she’s Carrie Underwood (rock on, sista).

I know men are visual, so let me simplify:


Not psycho.



My old roommate dated a man who called her psycho because she didn’t want a relationship with him. It seems some men label a chick psycho if she exhibits any type of behavior he doesn’t care for.

Come on, guys, be a little more original. Don’t revert to the default word when she’s simply expressing an emotion. And you too, ladies. When you call other women psycho, you give us all a bad name. Do us all a favor and reserve that word for the bona fide nut jobs.

Like this one…

With all that being said, this woman here, in the video below — now that’s psycho. I hope for her sake that there’s no afterlife, because if there is, every soul in heaven, hell and purgatory is pointing and laughing at this cray-cray.

Makes you wonder what your doctor does in his/her spare time, don’t it?

Listen to me, girlfriends. NO MAN is worth this. Well, except maybe Denny DelVecchio. But for anyone else, this is a classic example of “You better check yourself before you wreckedy wreck yourself.” Because sliding down chimneys is bad for your health.

Don’t wanna watch the vid? Read the wacko story here.

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  1. I needed to read this so bad. This guy lead me on for 10 months. I wanted to take it slow and get to know him and THOUGHT that we had a really strong connection. Well before him and I fooled around he ended up making out with this girl in front of me who was not cute and was all over every guy at the party while I was on mushrooms. That wasn’t a good trip at all. I still had strong feelings for him so I gave him a chance and didn’t say anything because he didn’t know I liked him that much. So one night we ended up cuddling but the next day I texted him and said that I was scared of how he made me feel because I liked him so much and maybe we should back off a little bit because of the bad shroom trip thing. His FIRST reaction was “you’re acting fucking crazy you need to stop now”……what the hell? We didn’t talk for a couple weeks and then we ended up hanging out at his place. He had me come sit next to him on the couch and then started cuddling up with the girl next to him. I have never felt so angry and hurt and I spent a month trying to talk shit out with him and make peace because we have mutual friends and he kept calling me a psycho and fucked in the head. I deleted his number and didn’t talk to him for four months. He randomly hits me up to hang out and I told him that at some point I wanted to talk everything out so we could clear the air and move forward as friends. He ignored me. I spent another week trying to talk to him and he kept ignoring me so I finally texted him and told him to just forgot he ever met me and to just stay away for good. That night at 3 am he spent me a pic of some girl in a G string in his living room dancing with some black guy and said “This is my night” yet ended up texting me til 5 am calling me “fucked in the head, pscyho, crazy and that I was flying over the cookoos nest.” Boys….one thing to realize that even if a girl is freaking out and getting crazy you or some other guy put her through the ringer to make her react that way. I just blocked his phone number today….because after being called a psycho for months I was actually starting to show him one today, lol.

  2. Um. And can we take a moment to reflect on the behavior that preceded whatever it was she did to be called a psycho?

    I just love it when boys act like a fucking douchebag/coward (usually via non-communication or blatant lying) and then when we have something to say about that (because you are a douchebag/coward) we’re the crazy person.

    Love that.

  3. Wow.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, when it comes to exes we’ve all done slightly crazy things (eg I broke into an ex’s email accountand then read all his messages on but I feel completely normal now.

    Thank you.

  4. p.s. i love you, you crazy psycho!

    i cannot agree more with you – i am so sick of hearing this. it’s like no matter what a girl does (which is oftentimes a reaction to what the boy did) she = psycho or “crazy.”

    rarely, do i hear girls throwing around this term to describe boys. regardless of the fact that they show up on your doorstep drunk in the middle of the night after they cheated on you with a married women

    oh wait, sorry, just me?

    • Den-Den, I’m sure it seems fairly common to you. But remember, your animal magnetism elicits such extraordinary behavior from women that the average man simply does not experience in his lifetime.

  5. bhahhahaa this is funny cause its true.

    except i think perhaps trashing a car would be considered on the psycho side..

    i had a guy friend who had a bunny boiler after him, she would show up everywhere he went even when hadnt told her he going to that place, how did he know? she would leave notes on his car saying things like “i like the shirt ur wearing, you better call me pls” then would not stop calling him until he answered. It got to the point where one day he drove up to my house and said to me, “susi if linda somehow calls you, you tell her that im dead and in fact you are wife and that i was shot dead”..i was like WTF!? how did i get roped into this!? haha

  6. When it comes to the battle between men and women, it’s never pretty. Every single day, men bitch about women, women bitch about men, and we drive each other insane in the membrane. In short, we pretty much hate each other. Except for the sex part.

    Eep! That’s a bleak picture of gender relations.

    Let’s just call it mutual misunderstanding.

    If he calls me ‘psycho’, I’ll interpret it as ‘I don’t understand what’s happening’ and ‘Please, stop.’ It’s perfectly reasonable for those who have differing ways of emotional expression to simply view certain behaviours as overboard.

    That said, I think some guys know that ‘psycho’ is a powerful word to curb behaviour he doesn’t like; the last thing anyone wants to be is insane and out of control, and ultimately being more emotionally demonstrative than your partner is to you.

    • Nah, I’d say we hate each other 😉

      Ah, I suppose sometimes the use hyperbole for comedic effect doesn’t always work.

      And here I understand the irony that men also use the word “psycho” in a hyperbolic sense. But I still don’t like it. It paints a generic picture of all women being crazy.

      Women need to do our part in trying to understand how men might interpret behavior, but men need to do their part, too.

  7. Amazing. I’m glad I’ve never been called psycho (to my face) but I have been called crazy. I think in this context, psycho/crazy are the same. I love the visuals and the quotes. So great!

  8. I agree – words like this get used too often. An ex of mine sent me an email saying she was pregnant and then 40 minutes later sent another one saying “…not really!” But I wouldn’t even label her a psycho, just someone who had some issues to work through – and we’ve all got those in some way. I’d rather try to understand than jump to judging.

  9. Thank you for this!! I get so tired of hearing guys say “that bitch was craaaazy!” and wanting to shout back “why because she rejected you? Because she demanded to be respected?!”. Guys use the “crazy chick” excuse far too often!

    • Hahaha! I remember my ex hurled a phone across the room and into the wall (not a cell phone) when he was angry once. But a man does this and he’s just “angry.”

      It’s not cool to inflict bodily harm on another, though. And admittedly, this is the one thing that women can get away with, because we are usually physically weaker and if the guy wanted to, he could really kick our ass. But we know you won’t coz you don’t wanna go to jail.

      I’d say it’s fucked up. Would have to gauge it against other behavior to determine if it truly is “psycho.”

  10. There is definitely a HUGE difference between psychotic behavior and simple human reaction (anger, crying, etc). We do need to educated everyone what the difference is.

    I’m sure my ex is calling me psycho because I verbally eviscerated him for what he did to me. He can call me a bitch, or even call me an over-reactor, but he better not call me psycho when all I did was rip him a new one when he deserved it.

  11. Oh my god I’ve had this happen too!

    I had one guy who professed his love on our first ever date and practically stalked me he called and dropped by cos he was ‘in the neighbourhood’ so often. I broke up with him and told him why, and he went around telling anyone who saw me that I was a ‘total nutter’ in those words!

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