A Collection of Posts That Will Cheer You Up on Valentine’s Day

Via Heavy.com

Via Heavy.com

Happy Singles Awareness Day! That’s right, I have learned that February 14 is officially SAD. I cannot think of a more fitting moniker, as there is no other day on which I am more aware of being single than Valentine’s Day.

Although V-Day traditionally sends most single folks sprinting to the pharmacist to stock up on Lorazepam, I, singlegirlie – the singlest of them all – am telling you it ain’t so bad. No, I am not drunk.

I’ve compiled four articles I’ve written about this “holiday” that are designed specifically to make you feel better. So please read on, and have a giggle on me.

So whether you get SAD on VD – or get VD on SAD – remember, I’ll be here for you. And now, vodka.

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  1. “Girls are Sane, Single, Sexy. You get to pick two. ~Tucker Max”

    So if you’re single, you’re what’s known BSC – Bat Shit Crazy. Time to get a cat.


  2. I know valentine’s day was over a week ago but, the positive attitude is still uplifting for all us single girls. Keep doing what you’re doing – especially if it involves more Jennifer Lawrence gifs like your Buzzfeed post!

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