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2010 was a whirlwind of romance, ho-mance and no-mance for this here girlie. The year started out with me getting dumped via disappearing act on my birthday by Jorge, a guy I dated on and off for a year (Jorge was pre-blog). I quickly recovered with Fred the Douchebag, who provided lots of writing fodder and kicked off my blog with a bang — literally and figuratively. Then came a string of meh dates and celibacy, and then Tom. Tom has been a rollercoaster ride, and at of the time of this writing, I’m still riding that there zipper.

In the spirit of laziness and holiday hungoverness, I’m stealing an idea from the lovely Single Filez and Brooke Farmer, who each posted their top 10 posts of 2010. So check them out, coz they rock, and I’m copying them.

The following are the 10 posts that received the highest number of pageviews, according to my friends at WordPress.

Top 10 Single Girl Blogging Posts of 2010

10. Friday Night with Fred: I Never Promised You a BJ
A lesson for the fellas: unsolicited cunnilingus does not guarantee you a blow job.

9. Adventures in Thailand: The Happy Ending
Went in for a massage, got a sex show. This was my vacation, dammit.

8. Why I Slept With a Douchebag
I had sex like a man. Why all the hubbub, bub?

7. Top 7 Songs to F*ck to
I like to get busy to these sexy tunes.

6. Bagels & Dicks
It started out as a financial management meeting, but all I could think of were bagels & dicks. And then I became a man.

5. A Penis Story
His member was massive, but it didn’t work very well.

4. The Teeniest Weenie of All Time
The shock, the chagrin, the shame. It was a deformity, that’s the only explanation.

3. Be a Baby, Why Don’t You?
Got a little profound on this one. When it’s good to act like a baby while dating.

2. Adventures in Thailand: The Gay Hooker
I got propositioned by a gay male Thai prostitute. Was he desperate, or just confused?

And the #1 blog post of 2010 is…

1. My name is singlegirlie, and I’m a doucheaholic.
This one was a little controversial, and who doesn’t love controversy? I had just dumped Fred and was going through some withdrawals. It was largely meant as parody, but people really took it to heart. Then it was re-posted to Linkiest, and then again to a popular misogynist’s blog — not my original intention, but I sure did appreciate the added traffic!

Notice how three of the top 10 posts directly reference a penis in the title? Coincidence — or are my readers just reeeeeally pervy? I’ll let y’all decide.

So which is your fave?

Happy new year, sickos! Don’t worry, I’ll keep ’em coming for 2011.

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19 replies

  1. I’m going to go with “Gay Hooker” and “Teeniest Weenie” because those are the first two posts I remember reading of yours & they kind of made me fall in love with your blog 🙂

  2. Love your blog, just became a follower! You should check out mine, you might find it entertaining considering your dating blog…

  3. Well I for one am just happy you made it through 2010 in a more or less positive state.
    We all have our ups and downs in life, some more than others.

    Glad the Tom experiment is working out for the time being, keep that boy on a short leash.
    Actually he may really enjoy that when paired with a collar and some CFMB’s on your part!!

    Keeping the dream alive….Bob

    • Ya know, I think the un-pervy people are actually in the minority, it’s just no one is willing to admit it. I stand with you in letting our perv flags fly. Just try to knock us down, world.

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